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Innovation and Impact

When starting within the IT industry as a consultancy the world looked different from today. Personally shaped by previous disruptive events, completely new possibilities for the implementation of IT projects arose, as topics such as virtualisation and cloud computing were still in their infancy, respectively were in the starting blocks. And so there should also be new possibilities in the development of a new company.

Today, XSTeam acts as a holding or general partner company and takes care of the organisational matters in the background, which are necessary for an operative company, so that it can focus on its business model.

panoramic visibility

We provide corporate support and services to our operating entities pertaining to strategic initiatives, financial planning, networking and business development, risk assessment and mitigation, legal and compliance, employee development and media relations.

strong relationships

We thrive on our strong relationships with co-investors and lenders, and continuously endeavour to create synergic business opportunities organically and inorganically, leading to shareholders value maximization over medium and long periods of times.


prudent development

We provide a professional work environment and career development opportunities to our multicultural and highly talented employees who are also our proud ambassadors to internal and external communities.


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173 happy clients
231 completed projects
91 creative ideas